FROM 6 - 14 JANUARY 2017

At Sippinonjuice, we believe that everyone is designed to be extraordinary. Living a life filled with purpose and excitement while feeling alive and healthy should not be an exception. It should be considered normal.

In the right environment, with the right nutrition, we can achieve a healthier, more balanced life while also taking steps closer to our dreams. Like our mentor Tony Robbins says, at the end of your life you are not going to remember everything. You will remember certain moments and it’s those magic moments that will make you fulfilled.

Most of us know exactly what we should do; unfortunately, life gets in our way. There’s not enough time and procrastination gets the best of us. That’s why we created Sippinonjuice.

We want to create an inspiring environment with amazing nutrition to plant a seed for greatness, to relax and re-align your body and to enhance those magic moments in life. Sippinonjuice is created to help, energize and re-align you so that you feel great!


So you want to become healthier every year and live your life by design.
And you love the moment when it’s a new year and the time comes to write down all of your goals. There is just one thing standing between you, your health and your goals: YOU!

That’s where we come in. For 7 days we will help you get everything in line so you can do what you do best: BE EXTRAORDINARY!



Doing a juice fast can be a lot of work. Beyond preparing your juices, you also need to take some time off, reschedule your social life and resist all the daily temptations. You need to get your shopping ready and create a schedule that will fit with your daily life.

Making juice isn’t easy at all; it’s actually a huge pain. At Sippinonjuice, you will sit back, relax and enjoy your freshly made juices.

It’s a complete way to avoid the daily grind, energize the body and set up your year to be amazing!

After you finish a Sippinonjuice, you’ll feel amazing, your mind will tingle with fresh ideas, your heart will race with focused energy and your muscles will twitch with an eagerness for action.

  • Get all of the essential nutritional building blocks your body needs with 7 days of juice fasting.
  • Optimize your mind to clarify your beliefs, improve your self-esteem and realize your soul’s purpose
  • Our lives are filled with daily stressors: sitting at a desk, driving, working on our laptops and watching TV. These patterns are pushing us away from our natural design. By removing these things, your body can get back to its natural state.
  • The process and actions that take place between our ears are overlooked the most when we seek to optimize our health and maximize our lives. The mind is our greatest gift. A purpose is like a compass; it’s your unique and personal roadmap. From traveling the world to raising a family to creating a successful business, clearly defining your purpose is the secret to happiness.
  • Relax! Not every day needs to be fully packed! Sometimes swimming at the beach or walking in nature is the most valuable time we can spend.

Experience Paradise @ Bali

This is a seven-day experience to rejuvenate your mind and body in paradise, where you will stay in a beautiful villa.


Sippinonjuice is different from most juice fasts or cleanses and is designed to ‘reset’ every part of your life. The week is as action-packed with activities as you want or as fully chilled as you are in the mood for. If you love morning walks on the beach, surfing or working out for hours a day, you can. Equally, if you fancy relaxing at the pool all day, knock yourself out!

Losing weight is a given, but it’s what you will gain from the whole experience that is difficult to put into words. It’s an opportunity to press ‘pause’ on life back home, step out of the fast-paced world and enjoy some ‘YOU’ time.

We have put together a typical day at our Sippinonjuice, which can be found below. This is just a rough idea of the type of day you will get to experience. This should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as it is subject to change and definitely depends on you!

The Morning

06.00 Fresh Lemon water, walk on the beach, surfing or sleeping in
07:00 Meditation sitting
08:00 Sippinonjuice #1
09:00 Morning exercise
10:30 Sippinonjuice #2

The Afternoon

12.00 Sippinonjuice #3
14:00 Sippinonjuice #4
15:00 Group event
16:00 Sippinonjuice #5
17:00 Workshop: Setting your goals

The Evening

18.00 Sippinonjuice #6
18.30 Sunset moment @ the beach
19:00 Meditation sitting
20:00 Fennel/ ginger of mint tea


We will be arranging all of these things:

Accommodation for 8 days

All the Juices

Airport Pick-up/Drop-off

Goalsetting Workshops

SIM card

Sippinonjuice Program

You just need to take care off

Your flight

9 days free time



Sippinonjuice is an invite-only event. Take the first step toward joining us in paradise by applying for your invite below. We would love it if you would join us in Bali between 6 and 14 January 2017.

About us

Hello there! Jeff and Fa here. Like you, we know just how challenging and rewarding it is to live a healthy and focused life by design. We believe in the benefits of juicing and goal setting. When we meet people passionate about the same things, we immediately have a connection.

We started writing down our goals eight years ago and noticed our lives changing, from traveling around the world to creating businesses such as Juicing to Profit (from which most of you know us), in which we have helped hundreds of juicing businesses spread 100% fresh and healthy juices around the world.

We will be merging goal-setting skills and our passion for juice. It’s a unique experience that we are excited to share with you!


What do I need to do to join Sippinonjuice?

Sippinonjuice is an invite-only, carefully selected community with similar values and a shared mission. To attend Sippinonjuice, you must fill out the application form here so that we can learn more about you. We will personally review your application and get in contact with you through Skype. If we feel you’re a strong fit, we’ll send you the link to purchase your ticket and officially welcome you to our Sippinonjuice.

What are the requirements to get accepted to attend?

We have only a few spots available and we want to create a memorable experience for every participant. Sippinonjuice is not restricted to entrepreneurs. We look for people who are inspiring and ambitious and who can help each other during the event.
Typically, we do our best to ensure that there is a 50/50 split of men and women, as well as a selection of representatives from countries and cultures across the globe. There is no age barrier at Sippinonjuice.

How long does the application process take?

We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. This may take between three and five days depending on the number of applications we have to review. If your application is accepted, we will send you more information about the event and a link to purchase your ticket. Please note, you will have a limited time to secure your ticket before it is passed on to someone else on our waiting list.

How much are the tickets?

A ticket to Sippinonjuice includes eight days of accommodations, all the juices, amazing networking opportunities, workshops and excursions, and a few other surprises. Sippinonjuice tickets start at around $1,300 and go up to $1,700. The cost depends on the room and the villa that will be booked by us.

Can I bring my spouse or friend to Sippinonjuice?

Yes, of course. Attendees are welcome to invite their spouses or friends to Sippinonjuice. If you’ve had a successful interview, just send us an email for the additional ticket.

How much free time can I expect?

Plenty! Upon your arrival, there is a daily schedule available, although it’s optional as to whether or not you attend certain events. You can bring the juices with you wherever you want to go. If you are looking for more free time, we recommend arriving early or leaving a few days later. Just let us know if we need to help you book any accommodations in the area.

What airport should I fly into?

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport.

When should I fly in and out?

Sippinonjuice will expect you to arrive on the 6th of January, although we will start juicing on the 7th of January. The Juicefast and Goalsetting will happen between the 7th and 14th of January. We plan to close the final evening on the 15th of January; you won’t want to miss it, so we strongly advise you not to check out before the 16th.

Is there Wi-Fi at the Villa?

Wi-Fi is complimentary in rooms and throughout the villa.

What should I bring with me?

Don’t worry, after a successful interview we will prepare a separate packing guide for your convenience. The most important things to bring are a positive attitude and the willingness to have a lot of fun!

Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?

By drinking juices all day, you will stay hydrated. If you are in good health, your body can function without solid food for a few days.

Can you tell me the recipes for the juices?

We can’t tell you the exact recipes for the juices yet. We can say they will be jam-packed with good stuff. If you can’t handle certain ingredients, please notify us in advance.

How much weight will I lose?

The juice fast is designed to give your digestive system a rest and therefore allow your body to heal itself and eliminate toxins. A scale will be available so that you can monitor your weight.

Can you tell me about the juice-making process?

All juices will be cold pressed fresh that day or the day before (for early mornings).

Will there be any instructions?

Of course! Once you enter the villa, there will be clear instructions for the entire juice fast.

Is it okay to exercise while cleansing?

Absolutely! You will be amazed to see that as your digestive tract rests, your energy level may get a boost. Just be sure to drink plenty of water.

I would like to book a twin room but I don’t have anyone I know to bring with me; can I share with a stranger?

Of course! We will help set this up for you and find you a compatible roommate.

Can I book for more than one week?

No. Sippinonjuice is an organized event that takes place only between the 6th and 14th of January.

Is Sippinonjuice ‘juice only’?

Yes. The entire program consists of only juices for seven days.

Do I need to pay the full amount immediately?

No, we can take an initial NON-REFUNDABLE deposit payment of 50% to secure your booking. The remaining balance can be paid at once or broken down into two further installments. Your place is not booked until a payment has been submitted and cleared. If you pay in full for your place at the time of booking, there is no surcharge. Final payment must be made at least four weeks in advance of your stay.

Is travel insurance included?

No, please arrange to purchase this independently.

Are flights included in the cost?

No. You will need to source and pay for your flights separately.

How long is the transfer from the airport to the retreat?

The transfer from the airport to the villa will take around 30 to 45 minutes.

How do I arrange the transfer?

No worries. We will be arranging the transfer for you.

What is the accommodation like?

The villas in Bali are designed for luxury. All rooms include air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a bathroom and pool towels. During or after the interview, we will provide more information about the exact villa we are booking.


Sippinonjuice is an invite-only event. Take the first step towards joining us in paradise by applying for your invite below. We would love it if you would join us in Bali between 6 and 14 January 2017.